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TOP 10, send $10, send list

We are now down to 10 singers. That means by next Tuesday you need to have your top 10 list and money turned in. Please make a list of the top 10 singers in order. At the top of the list is the person you think will win American Idol 2016, the bottom of the list the person that will get kicked off first.

the top 25% (rounded down) of entries will receive prize money and results will be posted on this blog weekly. If you have questions please call brad at 517 974 6327. Email your list to I have online banking options (please text or call to arrange)

Now that Thursdays performance is over we know the top 10 and we know who was voted out by the American voters. As Lora put it. "This is some F***ed up S***!" And I have to agree. The two singers I looked forward to hearing were Jenn and Jennevieve. I hope Trent and Laporsha keep things interesting.

Gianna sang horribly out of tune yet again. And now that JLo got her friends daughter into the top 10 she finally said, "you sang out of tune, you are going to have to step it up" instead of "you are God's gift to singing" Lee sang horribly out of tune Wed. but he is adorable. (and his out of tune singing somehow is tollerable)

After Laporsha sang lora also summed it up well "The reason everyone is so in awe (of Laporsha) is becuase there is nobody else left that is good!)" soon followed by "Obviously everyone that is voting are stupid teenage little kids sitting on the couch!"

But she did love Sonica which inspired her to say "That was so good, best performance of the night.... for that I am going to do 15 push ups!" She proceeded to do 15 cruches but we knew what she meant.

All night they kept showing clips of past Idol performers (David Archaletta, Lee's idol, Kelly etc...) I kept thinking... I do not think we have anyone this year that comes close to sounding as good as any of those past singers? Is anyone with me on this?

I think the night was worth it just to listen to Kelly sing that wonderful song to wrap up the night. Amazying that she could get through that song. . Intense, raw, horrible sad yet somehow uplifting at the same time. Wow!

Lora suggested and I hope that she is right, that they bring a past winner back every week! Fingers crossed.

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