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American Idol Competition 2016

The final season of American Idol has begun and the contestants have already arrived in Hollywood. In only a few weeks we will begin the Idol competition. So if you have not already started watching, now is the time. Pick out your favorite singers, and decide who is most likely to rise to the top. Many of you have competed with us before, but for those that have not.... When we are down to the final 12 singers you will make a list from who you think will get kicked off first, 2nd, 3rd etc... until you decide who is the final contestant remaining. Each of us will pitch in $10 and the prize money will be devided between the top 15% of those competing.

Above is an audio of my favorite singer so far this season. Quirk!

If you want to compete this season, please email me at I will keep you notified with updates. You will need to have your list of 12 and $10 in before the first contestant is kicked off this season.

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