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Bradford Boards

are fully customizable


Exterior Casing:

Choose from one of our many bespoke designs in the available section,

work directly with the Bradford designer to collaborate on a board unique to you,

or provide your own material to be transformed into the ideal personalized board.

Bradford Boards can also be customized to fit seamlessly 

with your living room, parlour, or game room.

Think Big, Your Dream Board can Become a Reality!


Playing Surface:

Bradford Boards are known for and specialize in their high density industrial felt playing surfaces.

Unique only to Bradford boards is the duo tone pips, inlaid felt playing surface.

Also available are Wool, Velvet, Cork, and Leather playing surfaces.


We are always on the lookout for one of a kind high end checkers.

Choose from our available collection of  Resin and Bakelite checkers.



Example Custom Wedding Gift Below

Custom Wedding Present
Felt inlay surface
Custom engraving for couple
Unique dice shakers
padded leather handle
solid cast brass latches
One of a kind checkers
Professional quality playing surface
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