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Custom Leather 2" Dunhill Backgammon ~ by Geoffrey Parker

Custom Leather 2" Dunhill Backgammon ~ by Geoffrey Parker



This vintage set appears to never have seen the light of day.   

Dunhill designed a few sets in the 70s to be built by the top of the line Backgammon Board maker, Geoffrey Parker.  This is my favorite set that they had made.  The leather is unique and not found on other Geoffrey Parker boards.  (that I know of).  


This Dunhill set is approximately 24" x 16" x  3" when closed and has huge 2" checkers.

It appears that this set not only has not been used but has been kept safe within its sinch bag (also sporting the Dunhill logo, and that bag has been kept inside a massive leather box for protection.  The leather box is approximately 28" x 18" x 8" and also has the Dunill logo.  


Because of the protection the board itself is in prestine condition.    Truly the finest example of all Geoffrey Parker boards.  Color scheme, quality of leather, vintage craftsmanship and presitine condition with the bonus of a jewelry case to house your board in.



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