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Rules for Nottingham North 2021 Eye-spy:



You will view 55  photos.  It will be assumed you can identify what the object in the photo is, although that may not be true.  You GOAL is to identify the exact LOCATION of the photographed item.  (possible partial or bonus points for approximate or exact location)


You can work solo, or you can work as a team.  The team must be determined before the start of Nottingham North 2021 which begins at  NOON X-mas Day.  Teams may consist of 1-6 people.  If 2 or more people are on a team they must be siblings or at the same location while taking the quiz.  


Your answers will be emailed to    You must number your answers 1-57.  One number and answer per line.  Answers to be submitted by 11:00 PM EST, Christmas Day.  Please list all members of your team on your answer sheet.


Two slideshows with thumbnails will be given.  It may be easier to view the photos by clicking on the main photo to enlarge it.  You can scroll through photos from the thumbnail or enlarged view.  Each photo is numbered.  Your answers should correspond to this number.


Some photos may have a hidden bonus point due to difficulty.  

Within one photo hides Michelle and Brad's gift to the entire family.  Identify which photo hides the gift, AND guess the gift and receive 5 bonus points.  


Winner(s) will be the team with the most points.  Winners will have their photo added to the Nottingham North Eye-Spy 2021 web page and will be remembered forever for their attention to detail.


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