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Bradford Board Trophy for the

Florida State Backgammon Championship  2017

The 2017 Florida State Backgammon Championship takes place the first weekend of  October.  The winner of the backgammon board tournament with a field of 32 people will take home this nautically inspired custom backgammon board by Bradford Boards.

The set features some unique characteristics:

-  The Ship's wheel, rope, and corners are hand tooled, hand painted, and hand sewn leather over a navy blue leather exterior.  

-  The Checkers are one of a kind 45mm custom Brass checkers with pearlescent colors representing the ocean. 

-  The brass plate on the interior will document the history of this event for generations to come.

-  The Checkers are housed in the same warm felt as the playing surface and the felt bumpers add to a quiet and smooth experience.   

-  The nautical theme is continued with Blue, White, and Red pips.  

- The set also has a high end handle, unique doubler, and a squeaky ships door hinge for an authentic touch.

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