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Double Trouble Mahjong Sale

(1) Emerald Forest Dovetail Mahjong Set + (1) Royal Depth Control Mahjong Set + Letter of Provenance:    $3,500

SET #1    A Royal Emerarld-Forest Dovetail Mahjong set

156 Tiles  including 3 full bouquets of flowers and 8 duplicates for jokers

5 Bakelite racks

Coins are in a sealed plastic bag

The tiles are in Amazing condition.  The color differentiation you may see in the photos is due to the reflection of the tiles.  The color is deep, lush, shiny, and reflective.  The Dark Emerald Green hue is hypnotic and reveals this sets value.  Truly stunning - and you do not have to be a mahjong collector to be impressed by this set;  It is self apparent.  The light half of the tiles is closer to off white or vanilla.  Usually Bakelite is more yellow.  Look at the 2nd photo in the set for a good indication of their true color.  Most of the photos make the tiles appear more yellow than they are in person.  

The case is in Good condition with normal signs of age.  Some spot marks, discoloration, rubs etc...

Set #2     A Royal Depth Control Mahjong Set

164 tiles  including 4 full bougquets of flowers plus 2 extra flowers and 2 blanks

8 Naturally carved jokers.

5 Bakelite racks.

The Case looks like it was made yesterday.  Incredible condition.  

The tiles are whiter than most Baketite sets.  This set is in much better condition than other similar model mahjong sets.  .    

#3    Letter of Provenance


A simple and personal letter stating when the sets were purchased, where they were likely purchased in NY and who owned them from purchase to now.  Signed by the grandson of the original owner.  

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