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"J.R. made in Mexico" 1.75" Leather   Leather exterior, Leathe interior with gold empossed pips1.75" checkers.  Matching leather cups. Unique original dice with unique 1 dot.  The handle is from a briefcase company in Germany.  Checkers appear to be Aries of Mexico checkers?  Exterior 7 or 10 Interior 8 of 10.  

A stunning set that I have never seen before.     $----


Suede Bakelite   Neiman~Marcus 

Identcal Make as the set  to the right.  However this set has no imperfections to the outside.  This is the same designer as the Saborite set, and likely the Senator's set.   1.75" checkers.  I believe the red checkers may have been made for this set?   I have not seen them before.  Matching doubling cube.   $1,250

Suede Bakelite   Neiman~Marcus 

Identcal Make as the set above.  Unique checker color matching pips.  Attractive Bakelite doubler.  Same aquare cups.  Click on the above photos for link to additional photos.    $850


Leather Compendium


Leather Checker Caddy

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